What is DASH?

The Digital Arts, Sciences, & Humanities (DASH) program supports faculty and students looking to employ digital methodologies and technologies in their teaching, research, and creative work.  DASH connects scholars with its campus-spanning network of technology experts to advance digital projects at the University of Minnesota.

DASH is an alliance of five University of Minnesota units:

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Each of our partners contributes a range of expertise which allows us to provide support to the University of Minnesota community. The DASH program offers consultations on using digital technologies in research, consultations on teaching with technology, web-hosting infrastructure, workshops and customized training and more.

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Digital projects change the way students learn and how we teach. Bring DASH support into your classroom or department.


Computing power, social networks, and new tools are expanding the way we research. Find out how DASH supports emerging research methods.


Technology is reshaping how we view the world. See how DASH supports the design of digital art, public engagement, preservation, and discovery.


Digital projects often require a diverse set of resources.  Discover how DASH supports selecting funding opportunities and the grant-writing process. 

The University of Minnesota offers scholars free or heavily discounted access to many tools via university- and college-wide licenses.  Free web hosting services are available via our DASH Domains program and many useful tools such as ArcGIS, JMP Pro, NVivio, and SAS are available via central IT’s license requests.

For decades, faculty and developers at the University of Minnesota have been crafting important digital tools to enhance scholarship. Access our collection of ‘Minnesota Made’ tools featuring everything from Elevator to Zooniverse.

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Network of Experts

  • Testimonial

    Linnea Anderson

    Linnea Anderson, Archivist, Social Welfare History Archives, University Libraries

    "I am passionate about history, research and archives in all their variety and complexity. This informs my consults and teaching.  I challenge and engage students to promote critical interpretation and creative uses of records.  I also listen and then give feedback based on my knowledge of archives and practical expertise how to use them."

  • Testimonial

    Senenge Andzenge

    Senenge Andzenge, Online Programs Project Manager, Center for Educational Innovation

    "My expertise is in helping teams and their members explore how online tools and online spaces can present new venues and opportunities to engage with students, researchers, and other scholars."

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    Caitlin Bakker

    Caitlin Bakker, Research Services Liaison and Liaison to the Medical School

    "I have experience helping researchers and research groups plan, implement, develop and disseminate their research in a streamlined and effective fashion."

  • Testimonial

    Michael Beckstrand

    Michael Beckstrand, Mixed-Methods Research Associate, Research Support Services, LATIS - College of Liberal Arts

    "I bring experience doing web-based and in-person data collection as well as experience with a range of qualitative management and analysis tools. Additionally, I bring discipline specific expertise in political science, international affairs, peace & conflict studies, and broad social science methodological knowledge in qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methodologies."

  • Testimonial

    Carolyn Bishoff

    Carolyn Bishoff, Physics, Astronomy, and Earth Sciences Librarian, University Libraries

    "I bring experience working on a range of small projects with research centers and faculty. I primarily consult on problems related to scientific information, managing and tracking scholarly outputs, and understanding workflows."

  • Testimonial

    Benjamin Bramanti

    Benjamin Bramanti, DASH Research Assistant, Computer Science

    "With a background in Computer Science and Web Development I am able to offer help in many areas including website design, building out small web applications, and data visualizations. I enjoy introducing people to new web technologies so they can use them to their own benefit."

  • Testimonial

    Jennie Burroughs

    Jennie Burroughs, Director for Arts & Humanities, University Libraries

    "I bring extensive research consultation and strategic planning experience to DASH work. I can help to structure a project, identify needed expertise, and make connections to resources."  

  • Testimonial

    Kate Carlson

    Kate Carlson, Spatial Technology Consultant at U-Spatial

    "I am enthusiastic about spatial thinking and modeling that use GIS technology to solve spatial inquiries. I bring expertise in GIS, cartographic visualization, and spatial data design; I can help you find the right spatial tools and resources to make maps and other communicative devices."

  • Testimonial

    Nancy Ching

    Nancy Ching, Web Design Intern, DASH

    "I bring knowledge about graphic design principles to improve the visual presentation of any project. My experience in digital, web-based designs can be a useful resource when searching for digital technology solutions."

  • Testimonial

    Paul Ching

    Paul Ching, Education Program Specialist, Center for Educational Innovation

    "Why can I help others teach Arabic, data analytics, dental hygiene, landscape architecture, neuroscience, and theatre? Mostly ignorance--because students' knowledge is often just as limited as my own. I've also seen what can work in one context and help others to apply it to their own."

  • Testimonial

    Christina Collins

    Christina Collins, Digital Media Associate, Institute for Advanced Study

    "I'm interested in the intersections of digital media and community--finding ways to connect what people are doing to the larger world in innovative ways. My background combines art, technology, and event management, all of which influence the ways I help people explore what digital media can do for them."

  • Testimonial

    Shana Crosson

    Shana Crosson, Educational Technologies Consultant, LATIS

    "My areas of expertise include web writing, 21st century learners, Story Maps and ArcGIS Online, and website/digital accessibility."

  • Testimonial

    Ellen Engseth

    Ellen Engseth, Curator, Immigration History Research Center Archives and Head, Migration and Social Services Collections

    "I twin historical research expertise with a strong interest in digital humanities and learning. I like to connect people to projects and sources to audiences, and find new ways to use "older" data."

  • Testimonial

    Ryan Bean

    Ryan Bean, Reference and Outreach Archivist, Kautz Family YMCA Archives

    "DASH projects closely align with my desire to de-mystify archives and share their scholarly potential. Working with archival materials (and the myriad of formats they contain) can be overwhelming for even the seasoned researcher, which is why I am excited about the DASH program which seeks to build bridges between scholarly communities. Specifically, I have experience in using archival materials in instruction and research, exhibit design (physical and digital), and Zooniverse."

  • Testimonial

    Ann Fandrey

    Ann Fandrey, Educational Technologies Consultant, LATIS - College of Liberal Arts

    "I bring enthusiasm, creativity, logistics, and a collaborative spirit to research and teaching consultations."

  • Testimonial

    Shannon Farrell

    Shannon Farrell, Natural Resources Librarian

    "I am the subject librarian for the Departments of Entomology, Forest Resources, and Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology. As liaison to these departments, I provides assistance with accessing databases, finding and evaluating resources, and helping with any kind of library-related research."

  • Testimonial

    Mariya Gyendina

    Mariya Gyendina, Learning and Inclusion Strategist, University Libraries

    "I bring enthusiasm and passion for finding the right research design to fit the specific question to all consultations. I have experience with mixed-methods research and discipline knowledge of language acquisition and writing studies, as well classroom teaching experience in adult education and college contexts."

  • Testimonial

    Charlie Heinz

    Charlie Heinz, Media Services Site Manager, University Libraries

    "Students meet with me for planning advice, resources and technical support for their media projects, such as digital stories, oral histories, video investigations, and infographics. I love this part of my job! No two consultations are the same."

  • Testimonial

    Shanda Hunt

    Shanda Hunt, Public Health Library Liaison & Data Curation Specialist, University Libraries

    "I bring an in-depth understanding of the research life-cycle, from funding to dissemination. I am particularly passionate about innovative and unconventional methods of disseminating data and research outputs so that they reach the broadest audiences. I also bring discipline-specific expertise in public health, a varied and interdisciplinary field."

  • Testimonial

    Mary Jetter

    Mary Jetter, Education Program Specialist, Center for Educational Innovation

    "I am passionate about helping faculty, instructors, and TAs develop effective teaching and learning experiences for their students. My special interest is supporting nonnative speakers of English in the classroom, both as students and as teachers."

  • Testimonial

    Melinda Kernik

    Melinda Kernik, Spatial Data Analyst & Curator, University Libraries

    "I can assist with converting research materials into a form that can be visualized on a map, choosing a mapping platform for your project (open source vs proprietary), integrating mapping into classroom assignments, and managing data for long-term accessibility."

  • Testimonial

    Jonathan Koffel

    Jonathan Koffel, Emerging Technology and Innovation Strategist, University Libraries

    "I bring ideas, enthusiasm, knowledge of information and technology tools and a desire to connect you to the best experts on the topic.  I love talking through research, teaching or information use questions and helping to develop solutions."

  • Testimonial

    Alicia Kubas

    Alicia Kubas, Government Publications and Data Librarian

    "I am the subject expert of government publications and data, and work with faculty, students, staff, and researchers in locating government information at all levels of government and secondary datasets and statistics published privately or by government entities."

  • Testimonial

    Carol Kussmann

    Carol Kussmann, Digital Preservation Analyst

    "My interest is in teaching others about how decisions made early on in a project may influence the success of the long-term preservation and access to their final products."

  • Testimonial

    Allison Langham-Putrow

    Allison Langham-Putrow, Scholarly Communications and Engineering Liaison Librarian

    "I bring experience working on a range of science and engineering projects. I can help develop a research plan, solve problems related to managing scientific information, and decide how best to share research outputs."

  • Testimonial

    Danya Leebaw

    Danya Leebaw, University Libraries, Research and Learning - Assistant Librarian

    "I am experienced in providing research consultations and instruction around searching for data, and connecting students and faculty to the right experts on campus for their projects."

  • Testimonial

    Cristina Lopez

    Cristina Lopez, Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Coordinator, LATIS - College of Liberal Arts

    "Digital projects and assignments require new approaches to discovering of ideas and information, as well as representing, organizing, and synthesizing what has been discovered and learned. I consult and teach about technology selection, developing media and technology skills and literacy, and making the process manageable.  I provide consultations for instructors on developing, scaffolding, and evaluating DASH assignments."

  • Testimonial

    Cecily Marcus

    Cecily Marcus, Curator, Givens Collection of African American Literature, Performing Arts Archives, Upper Midwest Literary Archives Principal Investigator, Umbra Search African American History, University Libraries

    "I work to design new ways to provide access to history."

  • Testimonial

    Ryan Mattke

    Ryan Mattke, Map & Geospatial Information Librarian and Head of the John R. Borchert Map Library, University Libraries

    "I can assist with locating maps and geospatial information and finding scholarly resources for your research, and can consult on visualizing data on a map and creating spatial components for your projects."

  • Testimonial

    Lindsay Matts-Benson

    Lindsay Matts-Benson, Instructional Designer, University Libraries

    "I bring a systematic (and hopefully creative) instructional design process to think about and teach to learning outcomes and essential understandings for students no matter the subject matter or technology you want to use."

  • Testimonial

    Jenny McBurney

    Jenny McBurney, Research Services Coordinator for Social Sciences and Professional Programs; Librarian for Economics and the Institute for Advanced Study

    "I bring experience with organizing your research, including citation managers and data management. I can also help with locating and accessing datasets."

  • Testimonial

    Colin McFadden

    Colin McFadden, Technology Architect, LATIS, College of Liberal Arts

    “I seek to use technology to enable transformative experiences in research and teaching. Technology should meet our users where they’re at, and empower them to achieve their goals."

  • Testimonial

    Emma Molls

    Emma Molls, Publishing Services Librarian, University Libraries

    "I work with authors and editors looking to build new publications from the ground up, and I assist with transitioning existing publications to the open web. Expert in Open Journal Systems (OJS), publication workflows, and publication budget development."

  • Testimonial

    Alicia Hofelich Mohr

    Alicia Hofelich Mohr, Research Data Manager, LATIS - College of Liberal Arts

    "I bring expertise in research data management, human subjects data, quantitative social science methodology, data analysis tools, and data visualization. I also bring a knowledge of campus service providers, as I have worked closely with individuals in the University Libraries, LATIS, OIT, AHC-IS, and University Information Security."  

  • Testimonial

    Rebecca A. Moss

    Rebecca A. Moss, Assistant Director, LATIS - College of Liberal Arts

    "I love to collaborate. Bringing people together with different viewpoints and skill sets helps us all to grow and change and learn. I have expertise in the curation and creation of digital objects, and I spend a lot of time learning about emerging technologies. I also love working with and mentoring students to help them understand the many options open to them."

  • Testimonial

    Kate McCready

    Kate McCready, Director of Content Services, University Libraries

    "I bring knowledge of scholarly publishing development, management, and stewardship. I am experienced in building new scholarly and academic publications, as well as transitioning existing publications to the Libraries publishing program. I bring project management experience and knowledge about publication management roles, policies and procedures, and intellectual property rights issues." 

  • Testimonial

    Shane Nackerud

    Shane Nackerud, Technology Lead, Libraries Initiatives, University Libraries

    "I bring knowledge of web and application development, scholarly publishing, affordable content creation, open textbooks, and open educational resource development. I have experience with a variety of DASH tools and enjoy learning new skills." 

  • Testimonial

    Samantha Porter

    Samantha Porter, Digital Preservation Specialist, LATIS - College of Liberal Arts

    "I am excited to help with projects related to 3D scanning and printing, virtual and augmented reality, and specialized digital imaging."

  • Testimonial

    Jason Roy

    Jason Roy, Director, Digital Library Services, University Libraries

    "My areas of knowledge and experience include: digital collection development; digitization; project management; experience working on large, complex collaborative projects; grant funding; experience working with the Digital Public Library of America and the Minnesota Digital Library; and strategic planning."

  • Testimonial

    Franklin Sayre

    Franklin Sayre, Pharmacy Librarian, Education & Research Services

    "I bring extensive experience conducting research consultations in the health sciences and helping researchers find and use the best evidence to support research and clinical practice. I also support reproducible research by teaching reproducibility guidelines and best practices."

  • Testimonial

    Jeff Shi

    Jeff Shi, Education Program Specialist, Center for Educational Innovation

    "I am dedicated to gathering and synthesizing data on how we can improve higher education. I am especially invested in how to make quality STEM education accessible and equitable to all audiences. My varied experiences in educational development, outreach, and computation have helped shape these goals throughout my career."

  • Testimonial

    Nancy Sims

    Nancy Sims, Copyright Program Librarian, University Libraries

    "As a 'lawyerbrarian' I combine deep knowledge of copyright law and other IP and legal issues with broad knowledge of the structures of research, scholarship, publishing and related communication. I also have policy and practice experience on legal and regulatory topics related to privacy, security, telecomm, F/LOSS licenses, and similar issues. Although all this stuff may give you a headache, I find it exciting and stimulating, and if we're both lucky, may manage to make it seem that way for you!"

  • Testimonial

    Scott Spicer

    Scott Spicer, Media Outreach and Learning Spaces Librarian, University Libraries

    "I bring a passion for the potential of media! I have expertise in providing instructors with development and coordinated support for effective student media projects (digital stories, podcasts, etc.) with 200+ courses supported, spanning disciplines. I also have expertise with copyrighted media use and interest in multimodal scholarship (video abstracts)."

  • Testimonial

    Claire Stewart

    Claire Stewart, Associate University Librarian for Research & Learning

    "I have extensive experience in grant development and project management, and solid expertise in repository tech, digital media, text encoding technologies, and copyright. Here are two projects I helped to direct during my time at Northwestern: Winterton Collection of East African Photographs, and Avalon Media System."

  • Testimonial

    Deborah Ultan

    Deborah Ultan, Arts, Architecture, & Landscape Architecture Librarian, University Libraries

    "I bring probing questions and creative ideas for broadening, deepening, and inspiring the learning and research process. I believe that research and learning is best when experiential and immersive where the students are able to assimilate their study and demonstrate critical thinking. Therefore, I encourage interactive ways of working with research materials and can help design engaging learning outcomes."

  • Testimonial

    Fritz Vandover

    Fritz Vandover, Educational Technologies Consultant, LATIS - College of Liberal Arts

    "My interests include developing and hacking tools to facilitate digital liberal arts scholarship and data visualization."

  • Testimonial

    Denne Wesolowski

    Denne Wesolowski, Assistant Curator, Digital Content Library, LATIS

    "I have expertise in the creation of digital content and the curation of collections thereof, and also supervise the student workers of the Digital Content Library (dcl.elevator.umn.edu) in our efforts to digitize and catalog the teaching and research media from all the campus sources that makes up this ever-growing resource."

  • Testimonial

    Ben Wiggins

    Ben Wiggins, DASH Program Director, University Libraries

    "I collaborate with faculty to think through how digital technologies are expanding and enhancing traditional research methodologies and classroom activities."

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