Set up & Manage Your Domain

Getting Started

In order to start working on your DASH project, you need to set up your web space and install applications. We recommend this process:

Submit a request

Name your domain

Install applications

Name your projects (directories, subdomains)

Add content

If you already have your domain and you are ready to install applications and/or plugins in order to manage your space, skip to step 3 (Install Applications) and log in to your C-Panel through DASH Domains using your U of M Internet ID and Password. Then select Dashboard from the menu.

Name Your Domain

When you name your domain you are naming the web space you’ll use for ALL your DASH projects. The domain you choose establishes a distinct identity for your body of web projects.

You will get one domain on which you can install multiple projects. You cannot change your domain name, so make sure you pick one general enough that it doesn’t limit you later.

All DASH Domains urls include

  Eponymous Concept or project
Main domain name

Install Applications

You’ll need to install applications in your domain(such as WordPress, Omeka, and Scalar) in order to put content on the web. Use the cPanel to install.

Login to your Dashboard with your U of M internet ID. This is your cPanel (control panel).

Find the Installatron (scroll down).

Search or browse available applications.

Login to your Dashboard with your U of M Internet ID


Click image to enlarge.

To install applications, use the Installatron (scroll down)


Click image to enlarge.

If you have already installed some applications, you may not see the link to the Installatron.  If that is the case, look for the applications you have installed and then click the “View More” link.


Click image to enlarge.

Search or Browse Applications


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For more information on the cPanel, please see cPanel Basics.

Once you’ve installed applications, you can create content and manage users. You’ll also need to manage passwords for each installed application.

Recommended Applications

Three applications that are useful for lots of DASH Domains projects that we can recommend are WordPress, Omeka and Scalar.

WordPress is a well-known content management system that is endlessly customizable through themes and plugins you install within your own instance. It’s also a great tool for blogging.

Omeka is a content management system good for building collections and repositories utilizing Dublin Core metadata standards.

Scalar is a tool for building web-based books where multiple paths are possible through the content. Also includes visualization tools.

Help for using these applications is at:

Name Your Project(s)

You’ll be asked to create directories or subdomains as you install applications. You’ll name your projects through directories or subdomains.

  Eponymous Concept or project
Suggests a direct relationship to your main site
Suggests content that is related yet distinctive from the rest of your site

Manage Passwords & Users

You’ll use your U of M internet ID to login to your Domains account. However, you’ll need to manage separate passwords for each individual application you install. Once you’ve installed an application, you can bookmark it and log in directly (no need to return to your Domains account each time).

Administrator passwords
As the owner of your application, you’ll establish an administrator username and password. Only you should have this login information. If you have students or collaborators who will add content to your site, you should give them separate access.

Add users
You can add collaborators and students within individual applications. There are usually several levels of access, so you can control the amount of editing privileges you grant each user.

Storage Space

Each individual DASH Domains account is given 1GB of file storage space. This is true no matter how many applications you install. Everything together, applications and files, is limited to 1GB of storage.

Find a place to store media
Because media files (photos, videos) are large, you probably will need to find a place to host (store) them that is not within your DASH account. Then link to them from your Domains application(s). Some places to host media are:

YouTube (videos)
Digital Content Library (images and video)
Dropbox (images, general files)
Google Photos (images)
Box (data)

Check how much space you’ve used
To see how much disk space you have used, look for the Statistics panel to the right of the main cPanel screen after logging in:

Click image to enlarge.

If you’re not sure what the storage needs for your project will be, get in touch and we can help you work on some estimates.

The applications you install on your Domains account may consume a lot of your storage space, so we recommend deleting any applications you install but decide not to use.

Showcase Your Project(s)

If you’d like your DASH project to be highlighted on the DASH website, contact us ( 

We might also contact you to discuss adding your project to our site.


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