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If you are interested in a general DASH overview, we are happy to talk with your students about DASH and specific tools for DASH projects. We can also speak to your project group and provide preliminary consultations. Please contact us ( to set something up.

Once your DASH Domain is launched, as specific technical questions come up, there are a variety of steps you can take by which you may be able to solve the problem yourself. DASH Domains requires that users both learn the platform and learn the tools available. We understand that for some this will be a daunting task, but DASH projects in general are usually experimental in nature and as such creators will need to have an experimental, trial-and-error mindset. We recommend the following troubleshooting process:

If you get stuck, try visiting the support website for the specific application you are working with.

WordPress: WordPress codex
Omeka: Omeka codex
Scalar: Scalar User's Guide

Other applications you may be using also have their own documentation. Do a Google search to find documentation on the application you are using.

Next, try doing a broader Google search for the specific question or problem you are having.

Google is a great resource for finding solutions to many common (and not so common) issues and problems people have with the applications offered through DASH Domains. The web is filled with tutorials and guidance on how to use most of the tools provided, easily found through a Google search. Also check out the video tutorials provided through the U of M subscription to

If you are still stuck, contact us ( for support.                                  

Reclaim Hosting is the vendor though which our DASH Domains are provided.

For technical questions that you are unable to resolve through other avenues, get in touch and we will do our best to assist.

Support and documentation is also available through Reclaim Hosting’s community forum.

What we can provide

Assist with account setup, answer questions about the pilot, make sure you understand how it all works

Provide consultations related to using applications for DASH projects–selection, discussion of major features, advantages/disadvantages

Help students select tools to use for their projects, provide general overviews

Identify learning resources about tools used within the Domains (e.g., tip sheets and existing tutorials)

Limited support for all using the applications — class visits, troubleshooting

What we can’t provide

Customized or one-to-one sessions on how to use the tools

Installation of plug-ins. We can help you learn to install these on your own.

Website and graphic design assistance. Most applications have themes or designs that are automatically installed with the application, or that can be found through a web search. We suggest spending some time looking at your application’s theme options to find one that suits your needs.

Custom web development or plug-in development

Payment for any additional features, or for additional domain names

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