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Emily Stull Richardson - Educational Technologies Consultant, LATIS - College of Liberal Arts

Emily Stull Richardson has 15 years experience in teaching and distance education, including 3 years writing curriculum for Minneapolis Public Schools' Community Education, 5 years as an online art instructor for Minnesota-based charter schools, and 4 years of instructional design at the University of Minnesota. Her research interests include gamification in higher education contexts, educational technology praxis, and organizational leadership. She has led initiatives in the areas of data-informed decision making, service learning strategies, and the implementation of quality standards across an institutional curriculum. At the University of Minnesota College of Continuing Education, her work focused on designing online and blended courses and helping instructors achieve alignment between learning objectives and course assessments. Stull Richardson is currently an educational technologies specialist in Liberal Arts Technologies and Innovation Services, where she is working to develop online curricula for multiple departments within the College of Liberal Arts.

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