Software Carpentry

Software Carpentry

What is Software Carpentry?

Software Carpentry workshops are free, hands-on, two-day events that cover the core computational research skills needed to be productive as an individual scientist or in small research teams. No previous experience is needed and each workshop is taught by experienced researchers who use these tools in their own work. Participants will learn how to automate tasks using the Unix shell, will be introduced to structured programming language like Python or R, and will gain experience using Git and Github for version control.


Upcoming Workshops

  • In response to COVID-19, all workshops are cancelled for Summer 2020

What is taught at a Software Carpentry Workshop?

  • Automating tasks using the Unix shell
  • Structured programming in Python, R, or MATLAB
  • Version control using Git or Mercurial

Why Software Carpentry?

  • Enables computational research that couldn't be done otherwise
  • Improves reproducibility and rigor by automating repetitive tasks and allowing sharing and auditing of data collection, processing, and analysis scripts
  • Helps improve the quality of shared research data and code

Who is the target audience for Software Carpentry?

  • Graduate Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff who do research

UMN Software Carpentry Instructors