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Summer 2020 R Series: Visualizing data with Ggplot2

Ggplot2 is a popular package that extends R’s capability for data visualization, allowing users to produce attractive and complex graphics in a relatively simple way. This workshop will introduce the logic behind ggplot2 and demonstrate how to create data visualizations using this package. Register here for all three workshops in the series or to attend any […]


Learning Analytics and the Changing Landscape of Higher Education

OnlineDrawing on the rich ecosystem of learning analytics built over the last five years at NYU, Dr. Alyssa Wise (Associate Professor of Learning Sciences and Educational Technology at New York University and the Director of NYU-LEARN) will address learning analytics for teachers, learners, leaders and all members of the university community to consider the ways […]


Summer 2020 R Series: Manipulating Data Using dplyr

This workshop series will teach you how to get started using R to clean, manipulate, summarize, and visualize data.This workshop will introduce you to the dplyr package designed for data manipulation in R. Register here for all three workshops in the series or to attend any single workshop.