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Learning Informatics Lab Seminar: Promoting Apt Epistemic Performance in a ‘Post-truth’ World

3/11/2021 | 4:00PM – 5:00PM

Educators face new challenges as they try to prepare students for a so-called “post-truth” world. In this world, conflicting information is rampant, misinformation spreads rapidly, and even basic factual claims are contested. Further, many people increasingly doubt formerly trusted sources of knowledge (e.g., the media, science).


In this talk, professor at the Graduate School of Education at Rutgers University Clark Chinn, will present an overview of how educators can effectively respond to these “post-truth” challenges. He will begin with an analysis of apt epistemic performance as the goal of epistemic education—that is, education directed at fostering students’ epistemic growth. This analysis identifies five aspects of apt epistemic performance. Many post- truth challenges can be viewed as involving breakdowns in these five aspects of apt epistemic performance. Chinn will then present a set of design principles to improve education to address these breakdowns. These principles specify new ways to design learning environments that can foster the individual and collective abilities needed to think well in the modern world.


Hosted by the Learning Informatics Lab with the College of Education and Human Development. Learn more and register for Promoting Apt Epistemic Performance in a ‘Post-truth’ World.