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Re-imagining ‘Visual Prayer’ virtually

Where would be the right place to show the “Interfaith Prayer Wall,” a 6 x 9 foot artwork by Aimee Orkin that incorporates works by the 18 other Interfaith Artist Circle artists collected in the exhibit “Visual Prayer”?


Initially, Deborah Ultan, Arts & Design Librarian, thought it should be displayed in Wilson Library. Its content would be appropriate, as Wilson holds the arts and humanities collections, including religious studies and most of art history.


Yet, as she discussed displaying the Interfaith Prayer Wall with Orkin, they began to lean toward a different context: the Architecture Library on campus, which has an impressive front wall.


Ultimately, however, the COVID restrictions narrowed the “Visual Prayer” exhibit’s right place to virtual space, built with the help of DASH RAs Chae Hong and Alyssa Miller.


Read more about the “Visual Prayer” exhibit on the University Libraries’ continuum site.