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Call for Proposals: HTRC Seeks Proposals for ACS Projects

HathiTrust has released their annual call for proposals under the HathiTrust Research Center’s Advanced Collaborative Support Program (ACS). This program matches selected researchers with consultants at the Research Center, who provide extended, expert guidance in the use of the HathiTrust collection and services and tools of the Research Center. Projects selected for this program often serve as pilots or prototypes for larger-scale projects, and several ACS awardees have later sought and received grant funding to extend their work. The ACS program allows the Research Center team to identify projects that can most directly benefit from its services and programs, as well as those that can in turn help develop and refine HathiTrust’s service offerings.

Previously awarded projects are available here and here.

Proposals Due: 5:00 pm Eastern, June 19, 2017

Award Notification: July 14, 2017

Proposals should be submitted electronically as a single zip file to

More information is available at the HathiTrust Research Center website.

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