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Job: Content Analyst Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows Competition for Recent PhDs – Minneapolis Institute of Art

The Minneapolis Institute of Art seeks a Content Analyst to support the development of new approaches to collections-focused content creation and delivery. This is an exciting new role that provides vital support in an area of strategic organizational growth.

Position Description
Under the direction of the Content Strategist within the Curatorial Division, the Content Analyst will analyze emerging trends in digital-age content development and delivery both within and beyond the museum field and work closely with curatorial departments and Mia’s divisions of Learning Innovation, Media and Technology, and Audience Engagement to propose and create new forms of content. These forms will include, but are not limited to: audio, video, digital storytelling, and digital publishing.

The successful candidate will have strong project management and collaborative skills, an openness to many points of view, and a passion for using storytelling to connect scholarly research with nonspecialist audiences.

This is a great opportunity for someone interested in digital strategy, museum education, and nonprofit and academic digital publishing. By the end of the fellowship, the Content Analyst will have a broad knowledge of art museum research, content creation, and publishing strategies; will have contributed to the development of new models of research-based, multimedia content on Mia’s collection; will have proposed and helped implement new workflows in support of 21st-century museum content production and distribution; and will have furthered a new culture of content creation at Mia based in the collaborative, iterative, and cross-disciplinary practices inherent to the digital age. S/he will have normalized a process of research-based content optimization and strategic dissemination across a variety of platforms to reach and impact a broader audience.

For more details, qualifications, and how to apply, visit Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows Competition for Recent PhDs.

Application deadline: March 22, 2017, 8 p.m. EST

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