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Text as Data Practice Group, February 19

Background from newspaper's letters on the real newspaper's texture background. Newspaper was aged and a bit damaged by putting it into the tea and coffee mix for 3 days.
Join Cody Hennesy, Alexis Logsdon, and Wanda Marsolek for the first meeting of a new informal learning group focused on computational tools and methods related to text as data. The group is discipline-agnostic, and all levels are welcome to experiment and learn from the tutorials at hand, and from each other. In our first meeting we’ll work through the Programming Historian’s Sentiment Analysis in Python tutorial. Sentiment Analysis seeks to quantify the emotional intensity of words and phrases within a text or texts. This tool can be helpful for analyzing interview transcripts, newspaper articles on a specific topic, or even poetry!

Wednesday, February 19
3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Wilson Library Collaboration Studio
Open to students, staff, faculty, and all curious parties. Bring a laptop!
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