Support for Research

Please contact us ( for help with any of these services.

Individual Consultations

Want some personal attention?  We can meet with you one-on-one to discuss your digital needs.  Whether you're just embarking on a new project, thinking about adding in a new assignment mid-semester, or in the late stages of research, we can consult with you one-on-one to help formulate a plan or build a partnership.

Web Hosting

Need a website?  DASH offers faculty and graduate students a web domain of their own.  Build a site around a research project, design a professional portfolio space, or integrate the creation of a collaboratively build site into your teaching.  Visit our DASH Domains page to sign up.


Need to develop a new skill?  We offer regular workshops for the whole university community and customized trainings for departments and groups.  Visit our events listings for our latest workshop offerings or contact us if you're interested in developing a customized training.


Want to hone your skills at your own pace?  Our DASH 101 volume offers not only "how-to" instructions, but answers from experts to questions "why to" use digital methods and technologies in scholarship.  The volume is regularly expanding and consistently updated.  It’s a great place to look for advice on where to start your digital work.

Project Support

Have an idea for a digital project?  Share it with us.  Digital projects often require a diverse set of resources.  We’ll consider your request and can work with you to find the internal and external resources
to build and maintain your work.


Want to automate or improve your data collection, create a visualization, or design an interactive web experience?  We offer consultations & workshops on basic scripting (R/Python) for research and teaching. We also offer high-level consulting with selecting tools and technologies, seeking technology training resources, and connecting with outside developers.


Are you ready to put your good ideas to the test with a proof of concept?  Our experts can help you with prototyping.

Communities of Practice

Would you like to learn, discuss, explore, and develop new skills with others? Contact us for information on existing communities of practice.  Or propose an idea--we'll help you coordinate and provide space and snacks.

Digital Mapping

Does your project have a spatial component? DASH’s geospatial specialists can assist with the spatial components of large digital projects, spatial digital humanities work, spatial data collection, artistic and literary representations of space, and integrating digital mapping methods and technology into teaching.  Support is provided by U-Spatial, Borchert Map Library, and LATIS.

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