Shana Crosson

DASH Program Associate Director

In addition to serving as the DASH Program Associate Director, Shana is a Spatial Technologies Consultant in U-Spatial at the University of Minnesota. Her focus is on geospatial technologies and digital humanities, and she is passionate about helping students use technology to learn in ways that weren't possible just a few years ago. She works with students and instructors from all levels, including K12, undergraduate and graduate content in all subject areas to incorporate spatial thinking in courses. Explore the  StoryMaps website and the Minnesota GIS K-12 Partnership for examples of her work. 

Before joining the UMN in 2017, Shana worked at the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) in several roles, including as an exhibit developer and a web developer. Shana worked on many digital history projects at the MNHS, and led the development of digital historical content for the K-12 audience for 10 years.