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Programming & Pizza, July 20th

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Join DASH on July 20 for Programming & Pizza – Research Programming Consultations Served with a Slice.
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Do you have an idea for a web design project but need a little technical guidance? Want to set up your computer with a development environment so you can experiment with scripting or web apps? Have a large or high-dimensional data set you’d like to visualize with D3.js or HighCharts? Need a hand fine-tuning an SQL query? Curious about Git, GitHub, or GitHub Pages? Want to know what tools are available for simple image processing/analysis? Perhaps you don’t even know what you don’t know and need a helping hand. Or perhaps you’re new to the institution and are looking to connect with a technology community.

Join experienced staff from Libraries, Liberal Arts Technology and Innovation Services, and Research Computing at our monthly Programming & Pizza.  We’ll connect you with an expert for 30 minutes of hands-on help. Must sign-up in advance.

July 20
12:00-1:00 pm
Wilson Research Collaboration Studio, (first floor, Wilson Library)

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